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Park and tennis court surfaceFor quality outdoor tennis court construction, resurfacing and repair, let Flex Court Athletics take care of everything! We can build or resurface a public tennis court for your facility with our all-weather suspended court surface to regulation court dimensions, and also provide lighting and suggested equipment retailers.

Flex Court knows Park & Recreation! Our expert staff understands the common problems related to maintenance and longevity of indoor and outdoor tennis courts, basketball courts, multi-game courts, inline hockey / roller blade rinks and playgrounds.
Enhancing facilities with long lasting surfaces and equipment are natural motivators for favorable buying decisions. Low maintenance costs add even more excitement to these type decisions.

Let the experts at Flex Court Athletics facility show you how we can help you make cost effective upgrades to your sports and playground areas. Flex Court can find you sponsors and state government bodies to lobby for free money to help paying for the upgrades in your parks & recreation facilities.

Tennis Court Resurfacing

Tennis Court Sport SurfaceIf your courts cracking, peeling and/or fading, they are needing repair! Most courts can be repaired then resurfaced, but will they last? You can be spending up $5000 / court each year to achieve the same result as a ONE TIME resurfacing with Flex Court all-weather tennis surface.

Get your public tennis court resurfacing or new court done by the experts in athletic courts, Flex Court! We can build a tennis court of regulation court (or any court size) dimensions in about a day's time, as well as an indoor tennis court construction with surface cover, repair and maintenance service, and lighting for night games! Call us right now for a free quote on all of our athletic courts services.
The Flex Court all-weather tennis court is USTA approved. he International Tennis Federation (ITF) and USTA has rated our surface as a medium/fast speed playing surface, making FLEX COURT® ideal for both recreational and tournament courts.

Being an All-Weather surface means; more play – less down time, and with a 15 year warranty and 25-30 year life expectancy, FLEX COURT® is simply the best.


Basketball & Multi-Sports

Multigame court surfaceWe have sport surfaces for nearly any sport needing a court, including basketball, badminton, paddle tennis, pickleball, volleyball, roller hockey, and offer custom installation options to fit any budget. The FLEX COURT® surface traction is unequal to any other outdoor multi-sport surface on the market delivering a high end game performance. The Flex Court Multi-Game Court surface is engineered to perform the best for recreation centers, parks, schools, corporate employee workout centers, and available for special events.

Roller hockey and in-line skating rink installation is also something Flex Court Athletics can do for you, with the expertise that comes with years in the business! We can easily build or upgrade your roller skate or in-line roller hockey rinks, and for less than other in-line, ball hockey and roller skating court construction companies can. We use only the most up-to-date equipment for use in building rinks, and can also point you in the right direction on where to get the best goalie equipment, balls, sticks, pants, helmets and other gear!


Stress-free Tennis

Our ¾ in (75mm) shock-absorbing suspended surface reduces playing fatigue, provides better ball rebound and gives exceptional game performance. FLEX COURT® is medically recommended by orthopedic surgeons for its built-in lateral and vertical forgiveness.

Stress Free tennis

Trouble-free Tennis Court

Our court surface is virtually maintenance-free. Rain quickly drains through, removing the need for sweeping or sponging. Just wait a few minutes, jump on and start playing. Our 15-year warranty and over 25-year life expectancy gives you a trouble-free tennis court.

Retrofit Existing Court Surfaces

Tired of all the maintenance problems associated with your existing courts? Then take a look at our court surface. Simply fill your cracks and cover your existing worn concrete or asphalt surface for a safer play and lasting beauty.

Tennis Before After

Professional Installation available by Worthington Valley Landscaping - Authorized FlexCourt® Installer


  • ALL-WEATHER COURT - Our surface is designed with complete expansion and contraction to fit every climate condition.
  • SHOCK ABSORPTION - ¾” thick shock absorbing co-polymer surface
  • FAST INSTALLATION - Installs quickly over existing or new surface (One day or less per court)
  • REDUCED MAINTENANCE - Covers existing cracks and chipped surfaces - No resurfacing or painting – EVER. (Save up to $5000 / court per year)
  • IMPROVED GAME PERFORMANCE - Medium/Fast ball speed, better ball bounce, no skid on lines – The Choice of Tennis Instructors
  • SELF DRAINING – Fast drying, No standing water, Play in minutes after rain (All-weather, self-draining surface)
  • REDUCED HEAT - Lower surface temperatures (much cooler than asphalt and concrete courts)
  • 15 YEAR WARRANTY - With 25-30 year life expectancy (Highest performance-to-price ratio in the market)


Flex Court® is a proud member of USTA.

Classic Clay

Classic Clay is quite simply a revolution in the clay court world, resulting from lateral thinking and many years of testing and development. The Classic Clay tennis surface 'system' incorporates patented technology to achieve an extremely low maintenance, world-class clay surface that plays in wet and dry weather conditions. The playing surface retains all the attributes of a traditional clay court, and introduces numerous unique benefits. The surface plays like clay, slides like clay, has consistent ball bounce characteristics and looks exactly like a perfectly prepared clay court with virtually no maintenance. If you are considering a long lasting and low maintenance clay court for your club, resort or home, the Classic Clay surface is increasingly becoming the first choice of professionals and enthusiasts around the world.

* Zero Water Usage
* Low Maintenance
* Looks Like a Professional “Watered” Clay Court
* Cost Effective Alternative to Traditional Clay Construction
* Increased Play Time Due To Better Drainage and Rapid Dry Characteristics
* Cost Effective Alternative to Imperfect Existing Hard Courts


Jonas Bjorkman

Jonas bjorkmanJonas Bjorkman"Flex Court® is truly the best tennis surface I have ever played on. The surface plays like a clay court in ball bounce and speed.

Flex Court® has absolutely wonderful stress relief on ankles, knees, and legs. After one hour of play, my body feels like it has been on the court for only 15 minutes. It is fantastic to play on.

Plus, I can really see the Price-to-Performance ratio in the cost savings against maintenance."

Jonas Bjorkman
- Wimbledon Tennis Champion / 2002 & 2003 Men's Doubles
- U.S. Open Tennis Championship / 2003 Men's Doubles

Dell Pride

Dell PrideDell Pride"FLEX COURT® is the tennis court of the future. An orthopedic designed modular tennis court made of proprietary space age composite materials that create a shock absorbing effect for players of all ages. There is a proven reduction of body shock up to 50%, which means twice the playing time on the tennis court.

I love my FLEX COURT® for teaching and playing tennis. Read full Testimonial."

Dell Pride
Director of Tennis
- San Diego Marriott Hotel and Resort & (2) Universities and Championship High School Program

Color Options

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