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Basketball Goals

Residential Goals

Residential Basketball Goals

Flex Court FleXtreme® Residential Basketball Goal System

Unsurpassed stability with Flex Court FleXtreme® NEW 1/2 inch glass backboards. Play like the Pros at home.

We are proud to offer a limited lifetime warranty on all FleXtreme® basketball goals.

This is our ultimate designed basketball system. It uses the same size and quality tempered glass backboard as used at universities and professional arenas. (72”x42” Tempered Glass Backboard) We mount it onto our Flex Court FleXtreme® backstop using a massive 6” one piece square pole. This massive pole our top of the line tempered glass backboard and dual spring action college break away rim work together to give the ultimate feel and rebounding characteristics. This system truly plays just like a gym system.

The Flex Court FleXtreme® Goal System is also height adjustable from 4½ feet in rim height to a regulation 10’ or anywhere in-between. All you need to do is read the height adjustment meter on the side to know the height.

It is custom set for your playing surface so you know that 10’ on the meter is exactly 10’ in height. The crank height adjustment is so easy to adjust that a 5 year old child can easily and safely adjust the system up and down. The height adjustment system is unbelievably easy to adjust with just two fingers because of the twin spring balance cartridges. This system balances the system so that the crank is moving the backboard up and down with a true neutral balanced weight. The adjustment system is totally enclosed for safety.

Institutional Goals

The Flex Court Gooseneck Goals offers exceptional durability at a price that meets any budget. This heavy duty bent post basketball backstop is designed for parks, schools, playgrounds and churches. The 4 1/2" post is safe, aluminum backboard is indestructible, double rim is durable, and the net will hold up to heavy.

The Flex Court Fixed Height Goals offer exceptional rigidity, uncompromising durability and maximum safety even on the toughest courts. Built from heavy 6" square, 3/16" thick steel tubing, the Flex Court Fixed Height Goals provide unmatched stability and durability. Designed for the most rugged playgrounds, the Fixed Height Goals with ½” Tempered Glass Backboards perform equally well on the home court.

The post is positioned 66" behind the backboard for safety. The extension arms are attached to the vertical post via six 5/8" high tensile bolts. Though considered as "Fixed Height" goals, the extension arm can be bolted at any height along the post. For additional safety, pole padding and backboard padding are available for most Legend packages. See full specs here