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Safe, non-slip, sliver-free surface

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Deck / Pool / Patio

Deck surface application

Safe – Non-Slip, Sliver free surface. Perforated to drain and dry quickly.

Maintenance Free – Stain resistant material. No need for painting, varnishing, or lacquering. Sheds dust, sand and dirt. Mildew and odor resistant.

Durable - No warping, peeling, flaking, splintering or rotting. No tearing or fraying. Special UV-inhibitors for long life to prevent fading and cracking. 15 year warranty.

Quick Installation - Simply snap the tiles together the tiles in no time. For shaping curves easy to cut with your DIY tools.





Pool Decking surface


All Colors are reproduced as closely as possible and may not represent an exact color match to the tile:

Garge Flooring Colors